Thursday, June 19, 2008

On Robert Scoble at

Robert Scoble, blogger and technology journalist recently visited He was there to interview Mark Benioff and took some time to talk about SFDC and Google with Kraig Swensrud. Check his interview with Kraig here at SalesForceWatch. Robert recently twittered that his interview with Mark Benioff will be online later this week.

Update: The interview with Mark is up and can be viewed here

Linkdump - CRM Buzzword cheatsheet

Want to impress people at the next CRM event you're attending? Read the CRM Buzzword cheatsheet. Also useful to brush up on / refresh your knowledge of what and who is hot in CRM today. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

On VRM: Doc Searls Keynote @ Mobile Monday Amsterdam

Doc Searls, Harvard's Godfather of the concept of VRM recently visited Amsterdam, to hold a keynote speach at Mobile Monday. Mobile Monday Amsterdam is a monthly meeting where minds in mobile marketing, applications, services and service providers meet to discuss future developments and opportunities in the Mobile Market place. Since I'm not part of the mobile arena I do not attend these meetings, but I was keen on finding out what Doc Searls had to say on VRM. Fortunately his keynote is available on the internet and, as Doc Searls puts it himself, 'things..are too easy to steal', so I've embedded it below. Thanks to Mobile Monday Amsterdam and Yuri van Geest

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On CRM, VRM and CRM 2.0 - check InsideCRM

Paul Greenberg, one of the worlds biggest experts on CRM, has written an article on how CRM and VRM are / can be combined into CRM 2.0. Worth checking out. Read it here.